Man, 44y
44 years old, Man

The only thing hotter than watching a hungry boy kneel before my huge cock and eagerly submit his throat in service, working hard, edging my load repeatedly, and doing whatever he's told to earn my fat nutt, is showing him off on here for all you guys to enjoy.

If you think you can match the dedicated cock-worship of these subs and are seriously hungry for my seed boy, then hit me up. I love pushing limits so be careful what you sign up for; I'll hold you to it. Cocksucker hoods optional if you're uncomfortable showing your pretty face.

Beware of imposters. My boys are not models. They are not paid. They kneel in service to my cock because their insatiable throats yearn for a feeder to train them properly. If you think you've been duped by an imposter, email

All content posted with permission only. I use the term "boy" figuratively. All cocksuckers in my videos are at least 18 years of age.

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